About us


Indecisive is a mythic focused raiding guild on Emerald Dream – with a big emphasis on a social atmosphere whilst maintaining competitive progress.


Now into our seventeenth year, our numbers are made up of extremely experienced players, mainly aged between 25 – 40 years old, from all around Europe. The raid team is a tight-knit group, with many who have raided since Vanilla and TBC, we welcome both new players and WoW veterans.


Raiding in the mythic bracket is the core activity of the guild. Veteran or ex-hardcore raiders who have taken a step back from punishing raiding schedules often find a happy home with us in a relaxed but progressive raiding environment. Our raiding hours allow players with real-life commitments to take part in end content raiding without it becoming a burden or a chore. Newer players to WoW will find an environment where they are encouraged to make the best of their character and gameplay by players who know their classes inside out. 

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Looking to join Indecisive?

Guild leadership

Please feel free to contact any member of the leadership team if you wish to discuss joining us, you can find our Blizzard BattleTag™ bellow or find us on Discord.